Oilfield Drilling Equipment

Specialized Second Hand, Surplus and Refurbished Oilfield Equipment

Coiled Tubing Equipment

Dolphin ,Specialized Second Hand, Surplus and Refurbished Oilfield Equipment

We are not keeping an agency or not a Distributor for any of the Above Machines, Products and Manufacturers  and doesn’t use their trademarks.

We supply  surplus equipment for the oil and gas drilling services,


Our scope of supply are as below 

  • Rig mast equipment: Crown Block, Traveling block ,Hook Block, Swivel, Top Drive, Lifting Bails.

  • Rig Floor equipment: Drawworks ,Brakes ,Rotary Table ,Master Bushing ,Bushing, Bowels, Kelly Bushing, Power Slips , Rughnecks

  • Handling tools Power/Manual: Power Tongs & Pipe Spinners for Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Casing & Tubing. Kelly Spinner, Power Swivel & Power Pack, Rotary Slips Elevators, Safety Clamp, Slip Type Elevator, Spider Elevator & Single Joint Elevator for Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Casing & Tubing.

  • pressure  Control:Pressure Control Equipment BOP, Chock Manifold, Koomey Control Units Drilling Spools & Valves.

  • Pumping Equipment: Mud Pump and spares parts (Rubber Seal valve and valve seat)

  • We have stock of String Tools :Drill Pipe ,H.W. Drill Pipe ,Cross Over Subs , Hall Openers , Reamer's , Stabilizers , Protectors , Kelly Cock Float Valve , Drop in Valve Horizontal drilling Accessories Water Melons ,Window Cutter, Guides & milling Tools

  • Fishing tools Casing Scrapers, Dai Collar, Tapper Taps, Junk baskets, Junk Sub, Grable's , Mills, Magnet, Fishing Jars

  • Surplus and refurbished or Used Wire Line Units, Slick line and Electric Lines, Reels, Risers, Bop, Down Hall Tools, Greasing Units

  • Coiled Tube Units, Reels, Injectors, Spools ,Risers , Down Hall Tools