AGBO G 600 Available At Dolphin Yard

The AGBO G 600 is a universally usable Drilling Rig for dry-, mud-, core- and DTH Hammer drilling as well as drilling with casing table. Alternatively, the rig is driven by vehicle-engine or an engine mounted on the rig. It is also suitable for reverse mud circulation wit air lifting and suction drilling. Optionally, the rig can be equipped with a mud head with 150 mm free passage and a suction mud head with 200 mm free passage.


Tecnical Data G 600

Nominal hook load 250 KN

Mast length 11,0 m

Pull back force 250 kN

Max torque 20,000 Nm

Max revolution 200 rpm

Additional Equipment:

Hydraulic clamping chuck
up to 190 mm

Break device / Winches

Casing table / Compressor

Centrifugal pump / Piston pump
Suction pump / Foam pump

Percussion device

DTH Hammer oiler


1000 to 1500 meter Depending on the pipe length. 

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